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“I would recommend Mr Asopa without hesitation, for orchestrating such a successful outcome, which has greatly enriched my life in retirement.”


Before my total hip replacement, I was having increasing discomfort and pain in my left hip when walking. I was unable to play tennis or badminton, which I had previously played 2 or 3 times a week all year round.


I made the decision to have surgery because I felt that if I did not deal with my condition, I would lose my general fitness.  My health insurance provider gave me the names of several specialists. I Googled them and chose Mr Asopa, mainly because of his interest in sports injuries.

The consultations were amicable, efficient and clear. X-rays and an MRI scan were taken without delay. I felt I understood the procedure, the likely outcomes, and the risks. Mr Asopa also explained that I would not be hospitalised for more than a few days (it turned out to be only two days). He told me that regular physiotherapy would be needed to get me to the point where I could start playing tennis again after around 6 months (although he advised against me playing singles). I felt confident to proceed with the surgery.

Mr Asopa was always personable, whilst thoroughly professional in his approach. He explained the way forward clearly, answered all my questions, and made sure I understood everything.


The surgery went entirely as expected. I felt tired and unable to move about comfortably in bed the next day, but I was able to enjoy meals and watch TV. Looking back, I think I was encouraged to take a few cautious steps later that day.

London Bridge Hospital was first class. I was very well cared for and I was discharged sooner than I had expected. All the staff that saw me were friendly and helpful.


I was given walking aids (which I did not in fact need after a day or two). I was also given medication (pain killers) to take at home, which turned out to be more than I needed.

Now (3 years later) I am nearly 77 and play tennis (doubles) 3 time a week and badminton (doubles) twice a week. I am able to run about on court more quickly than I was 20 years ago. My hip feels normal – as it did 20 years ago. This would not have been possible without the surgery, and is also partly due to sustained physiotherapy which has helped develop my leg muscles generally and improve my balance.

I would recommend Mr Asopa without hesitation, for orchestrating such a successful outcome, which has greatly enriched my life in retirement. He has also shown continuing interest in my fitness and progress over the last 3 years.

By SL, March 2024

Disclaimer: All case studies are based on the personal experience of the individual patient. It is important to be aware that each person’s treatment, surgery and recovery times may differ based on many variables. This patient has consented to the use of their case study and their medical imaging and/or their photo.

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