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“At all points along my journey, Mr Asopa treated me with kindness and care.”

This is a case study about Mr Asopa, who performed joint replacement surgery on my arthritic hip. I went to see Mr Asopa about my hip as it was getting almost impossible to walk. At all points along my journey, Mr Asopa treated me with kindness and care. He is clearly a surgeon in demand, but I didn’t once feel as though I wasn’t important. His contact extended well after the operation itself and he frequently enquired as to how the recuperation was going. He is professional, but has not lost the ability to really connect with his patients.


Getting the information across in the most accessible way
The thing that struck me was that Mr Asopa was interested in whether I understood his explanations. When I got confused, he would actually resort to sketching the part of the operation he was describing. Again, this was done with no hint of annoyance – he was clearly committed to getting the information across in the most accessible ways. I actually found myself enjoying the pre-op sessions because of all the enthusiastic detail he was able to provide.


Feeling calm and reassured
By the time I was taken down to surgery, I was calm as a summer’s day. I would even go as far as to say that I was looking forward to it. I was so full of the information and knowledge of what to expect, provided by Mr Asopa, that the actual operation was just a formality. I can’t stress enough as to his skill at providing this reassurance, it was excellent. As stated above, afterwards he continued with this support. He has fantastic stamina – he must do hundreds of these operations a year…..


Walking and building fitness again
I have always been active, but in my later years transferred to walking from running. The pain in my hip was so bad, I felt as though even if the operation did not allow me to take long walks, the pain relief would compensate. As it was, I needn’t have even thought about that, I am now walking moderately long distances and building fitness as I go along.

Complete mobility and no pain
In my opinion, the surgery has been a stunning success, with complete mobility and no pain.

My recovery
Strangely, the only issue I had during my recovery was with a certain part of the scar not healing completely. Mr Asopa helped me with that during the post-op surgeries. The scar itched, but the actual fact of having a foreign body in my leg was no issue at all. From the moment I woke up, it’s as though there is nothing there, like nothing happened. I know some people have very fast recovery and progress to no sticks within a couple of weeks, but mine took the full six weeks, and a few afterwards. This was actually a confidence problem, I felt as though I wouldn’t be able to balance. In the end, one day, I suddenly started walking without the sticks, and my wife pointed it out. I genuinely didn’t realise I had done it, but haven’t needed to resort to them since.

I would immediately recommend Mr Asopa
For anyone having hip replacement surgery, I would immediately recommend Mr Asopa. His manner and skill are truly amazing, on top of which he has a very good sense of humour. It gets you through some of the more tricky conversations. If I ever have to have the other hip done, I have Mr Asopa’s number on speed dial….

By GL, February 2024

Disclaimer: All case studies are based on the personal experience of the individual patient. It is important to be aware that each person’s treatment, surgery and recovery times may differ based on many variables. This patient has consented to the use of their case study and their medical imaging and/or their photo.

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