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“By week 10, my stride was completely normal; I was walking like I was in my twenties again! I was going out for long, brisk walks and enjoying them very much. I couldn’t believe the difference from before my hip replacement.”


I had osteoarthritis in my left hip for ten years and found that the symptoms increased over time. It started as the occasional sharp pain in my left hip, which progressively worsened. Over the years, my range of movement became severely restricted. It was painful and became increasingly difficult to walk for long periods of time. I couldn’t walk properly and I would have to physically make extra effort to move my leg to walk.

I thought that I might be able to reverse it over time and tried exercises to strengthen the hip. However, it was becoming too painful to stand and do tasks such as washing the dishes. I had pain and tightness in my hips and pressure causing my back to become arched. For the last year and a half before my surgery, I felt worried if I knew I was going to have to do any long walks. I also avoided walking up and down the stairs as much as I could. Ultimately, I reached the point where I realised I would need hip replacement surgery.


I chose Mr Vipin Asopa as my surgeon and booked in my first appointment. He instantly came across as very knowledgeable about the process and the surgery. He had a lot of empathy and he explained the risks to me carefully and made it clear that it was my choice as to whether I chose to have surgery.

I was confident that I wanted to go ahead with surgery and Mr Asopa suggested a specific approach and explained the reasons for this and answered my questions about it. I read up about it after my appointment and felt confident in the fact that it was in my control as to whether or not I wanted to go ahead with surgery.

I had my pre hospital checks the week before my operation. I was told that it would be day surgery and I would therefore be out of hospital on the same day if it all went as expected. I felt a bit worried about this at first so I arranged a call a few days before my surgery to discuss this with Mr Asopa which reassured me to understand more about this.


On the day of surgery (left total hip replacement), I was experiencing a mixture of feeling nervous, but also the feeling that the operation could not come soon enough. It was the thought of having an operation that felt quite stressful, but equally, I knew I couldn’t continue with the pain any more. My surgery was at London Bridge Hospital. Mr Asopa came to speak to me to discuss my surgery beforehand.

I woke up after the surgery and Mr Asopa came along to check how I was feeling. I felt well taken care of throughout the whole process.

The physio came to see me and helped with leg movement and walking around with crutches which, with the physio’s guidance, I was able to do about an hour after waking up from surgery. I was so pleased at being able to walk that I wanted to keep doing it! I was discharged later that evening.


This video gives my reaction to my hip replacement, carried out by Mr Vipin Asopa.

I carried on moving about with crutches for the week that followed the surgery. I was on the prescribed painkillers for three days after surgery. By the time it got to a week after, I was fine with no painkillers at all.

After the first week, I started to go outside for walks with both crutches, managing 200m at first and then after a week and a half, I was able to walk about 500m. I increased my walking distance each time and found that this improved quickly. 

Two weeks after surgery
After two weeks I was going on a 30-minute walks with just one crutch.

Three/three and a half weeks after surgery
I had a slight limp but realised I didn’t need crutches anymore. I had expected to need a long time off work, but amazingly I felt well enough to only need three weeks off work in total.

Seven weeks after surgery
My limp had completely gone and I was walking with ease.

Ten weeks after surgery
By week 10, my stride was completely normal, I was walking like I was in my twenties again! I was going out for long, brisk walks and enjoying them very much. I couldn’t believe the difference from before my hip replacement.

I am doing so much more in general now. The gardening that I simply wasn’t able to do before my surgery is possible again now. I was on a step ladder pruning a tree for three hours and felt absolutely fine doing so.

Mr Asopa’s positive attitude is infectious. I really feel that it helps you recover quickly. The whole experience has exceeded my expectations; it was a very positive experience.

The surgery has reversed my age. I have gone from being disabled to being able-bodied and doing the things I enjoy again.

By PH, April 2024

Disclaimer: All case studies are based on the personal experience of the individual patient. It is important to be aware that each person’s treatment, surgery and recovery times may differ based on many variables. This patient has consented to the use of their case study and their medical imaging and/or their photo.

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