Types of Sports injuries are described.

Running and cycling injuries are common. Acute injuries can lead to chronic problems such as Hip and knee osteoarthritis.

Achilles Tendon ruptures can be treated operatively or non-operatively. The published literature suggests that both give good results, but function may be better with surgical treatment. An editorial is given here discussing this topic. The benefits of surgery should be weighed up with the risks and possible outcomes. Achilles tendon ruptures can be missed. Mr. Asopa has used a surgical technique to help reconstruct the neglected achilles tendon rupture. This is described in the publication found here.

Avascular necrosis can cause painful hips.

Osteoporosis can result in ‘in-sufficiency’ fractures. It may be appropriate to investigate and treat osteoporosis to reduce your risk of fractures. The NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) provides guidance here.

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