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A guideline to the rehabilitation process for hip arthroscopy:

The nature of rehabilitation following hip arthroscopy depends on the type of surgical procedure and condition treated.

Pre-operative education regarding the diagnosis and consideration of treatment options is important. Pre-hab should be used to learn exercises for the deep internal rotators of the hip and how to use crutches following surgery.

0-2 weeks
Following surgery, the first two weeks are spent minimising pain and inflammation. Use simple analgesia and ice. Use crutches to maintain gait and protect the wound by keeping it dry, and do pain free range of motion exercises depending on the advice after surgery. Start doing the deep internal rotator exercises as taught in pre-hab.

Avoid physical work, squatting, lifting and turning. Do not flex your hip more than 90 degrees.

2-6 weeks
You should work on normalising gait and returning to normal living activities. Focus on improving your range of motion (within the limits of advice following surgery). Maintain your fitness by cycling or cross training for 15 minutes a day. Your therapist may be able to help with soft-tissue work to relieve pain.

6-12 weeks
Your focus should be on restoring pain free flexion beyond 90 degrees, to improve muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. Avoid deep squats, lunges, pilates, yoga and skipping.