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Mr Vipin Asopa is a Consultant Hip and Knee Surgeon in London. If you are experiencing hip pain, knee pain a sports injury or more, see how Mr Asopa can help you.

Here is a list of useful information about appointments and surgery with Mr Asopa:

Make an Appointment
Book an appointment with Mr Vipin Asopa by contacting secretaries Mandy and Mary here.

Hospital Locations
Please find a list of hospital locations here.

Self-funding & Health Insurance
Click here to find out about self-funding or using private medical insurance for your appointments.

Scans, X-rays & Tests
Mr Asopa may recommend scans, x-rays or tests at your appointment. Find out more here.

Explore some of the possible surgical and non-surgical treatment options here.

Pre-admission Information
Are you coming into hospital for surgery? Please find pre-admission information here.

After Surgery
Click here for information on what to expect after your operation.

Rehabilitation may be recommended before or after your surgery. Find out more here.