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If you are experiencing hip pain, knee pain or have suffered an injury, book an appointment to see Mr Vipin Asopa. Below is a guide about what to expect at your consultations.


At your first appointment, once in the consultation room, Mr Asopa will introduce himself. He will normally begin by asking you questions including your age and your work and activities that you normally do. He will then discuss the reason why you have made the appointment. Mr Asopa will want to know whether you are having pain, instability / giving way. Some people may describe stiffness or locking of the joint instead of pain. Often there is a combination of symptoms. He will want to know about when the problem started and whether you had an injury previously.

Mr Asopa will examine you. A chaperone will be used in certain situations. Your privacy and dignity will always be respected. Examination may be limited during first time consultation carried out on video.

He will review any imaging information that is available at the time of consultation. This may include reports of scans. Mr Asopa will discuss the possible problems that may be giving rise to your symptoms. He will also discuss whether further investigations are necessary and request them as needed. Typical imaging that may be requested can include X-rays, MRI scans and ultrasound scans. Blood tests may be requested.

Mr Asopa will answer any questions you may have.

A follow-up appointment may be needed to review the results of investigations and plan further investigations or treatment.


 Mr. Asopa will discuss the results of investigations with you. He will discuss the options for treatment and a plan. Sometimes you may not require (or choose not to undergo) further treatment.

The type of treatment chosen depends on several factors including the severity of the condition (for example pain and not being able to walk the dog or not being able to play a certain type of sport) and the impact that this is having on you and your quality of life. The risks and benefits of the different treatment options will also be discussed and an individual plan created for you.

It is important that you express your expectations so that they can be discussed with Mr Asopa.

Shared decision making and your consent are important principles in good medical practice (outlined by the General Medical Council:


Not all problems require surgery! Mr Asopa will always discuss non-operative and operative treatment options for your problem. This may include doing nothing for the time being, pain relief and activity modification, specialist rehabilitation or surgery.

Consent for investigations and treatment will be required (discussed here: and

Read more about treatment options here:

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To book an appointment or for any questions or information, please contact Mr Asopa's Medical Secretaries Mandy and Mary by phone or email: