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The knee is the most common area of the body to be injured when skiing, accounting for around one third of all skiing injuries. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are at the top of that list of the most likely structure to be injured in the knee [].

What makes ACL injuries so common for skiers? ACL injuries are more common in sports that “require athletes to make vigorous and repeated motions that work the ACL, putting it under stress as it continuously provides stability during stop-and-go action and pivoting motions.” []. Sudden turns or “cuts” or landing from a jump with a twisting motion can all cause ACL injuries. Read more about ACL repair and reconstruction surgery here.

It is common to see injuries to other structures within the knee joint. These include the other ligaments (including the collateral on the outside, PCL and posterolateral corner), the menisci (thought to work as shock-absorbers), patella (knee cap) or articular cartilage (the lining of the surface of the knee joint). It is also possible to get a fracture.


Find out more about ACL injuries, in my skiing injuries blog.

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