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    ODEP Ratings for Joint Implants

    March 2023

    What is ODEP?
    The Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel (ODEP) was set up in 2002. It is made up of clinical and non-clinical experts who collectively provide ratings on the strength of evidence supporting the performance of orthopaedic implants. This includes hip and knee replacements. ODEP also cover shoulder, elbow and spine implants. Manufacturers provide evidence and this is compared to a set of benchmarks.

    ODEPs rating is a number and a letter, with the number indicating the years for which the product has been evidenced. The strength of the evidence is indicated by the letter on the rating. ODEP can provide a pre-entry rating for implants that do not have sufficient evidence.

    A more detailed description and a search tool to provide ratings for implants is given here:

    The importance of ODEP rating for implants
    The focus of ODEP ratings is to maximise patient safety and provide effective care. 

    The ODEP method also allows for continued innovation and improvement with its pre-entry categories. There are implants that have little published information and/or a short track record. This could be because they are new designs. Careful monitoring can show that they are performing well and allows the detection of certain problems early on.

    The rating guidelines are demanding, which means clinicians can be sure that the implants comply with the criteria.


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